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Dra. Flavia Amaro Jamel

– Consulting service
– Surgeries (Urgency, Emergency and Electives)

-Medical School: Universidade Federal do Estado do Rio de Janeiro (UNIRIO)

-Pediatric Residency : Hospital Municipal Jesus (HMJ)

-General Surgery Residency at Hospital Universitário Clementino Fraga Filho (HUCFF/UFRJ)

-Pediatric Surgery Residency at Hospital Federal dos Servidores do Estado do Rio de Janeiro (HFSE)

-Member of the Pediatric Surgery Association of the state of Rio de Janeiro

-Advanced Course in Pediatric Surgery- IRCAD 2019

Cirurgia Infantil

What is the Pediatric surgery?

Pediatric Surgery is the subspecialty of surgery responsible for performing surgical procedures in newborns, babies, children and adolescents. It has an extensive area of ​​expertise, as it treats congenital and acquired surgical diseases, which can affect the digestive, respiratory, genitourinary, vascular, and integumentary systems. Today, thanks to technological advances, we also have minimally invasive surgeries performed by videolaparoscopy.

Surgeries performed on pediatric patients are very different from surgeries performed by general surgeons. In addition to being more delicate surgeries, children have their own characteristics, specific pathologies and particularities that vary according to each age group. Therefore, theoretical knowledge and specific practical training are required to properly treat these small patients.

In order to become a Pediatric Surgeon, after completing 6 years of graduation, the doctor must do a Medical Residency in General Surgery for 2 years and, after that, a Medical Residency in Pediatric Surgery for 3 years.

Dr. Flavia, in addition to being a Pediatric Surgeon, also has a background in Pediatrics, which gives her a broader knowledge of topics related to the Pediatric universe.

Who should see the Pediatric Surgeon?

All patients aged between 0 and 17 years who have some suspicion of surgical disease. This suspicion may arise during the physical examination in the Pediatrician’s office or even at home, in everyday life, at school, by parents, nannies, grandparents, teachers.

The patient can be referred by their pediatrician or schedule an appointment directly with their surgeon of choice.

Dads and moms who are expecting a baby with potentially surgical pathology can make a prenatal consultation for diagnostic clarification and therapeutic planning.

And in cases of emergency surgeries, how to proceed?

As with adult, babies, children and adolescents can also present diseases that require urgent and emergency surgical intervention.

Examples are appendicitis, testicular torsion, incarcerated hernia, intestinal invagination, paraphimosis, trauma caused by accidents, etc.

In these cases, it is not possible to wait for an evaluation in the office.

The patient should be taken as soon as possible to the nearest Pediatric Emergency Room for a medical evaluation.

If the pediatrician on duty judges it necessary, the Pediatric Surgery team will be contacted. If the patient is already accompanied by a pediatric surgeon, and the family wishes, this professional can be called to evaluate the case.


Appointment of babies, children and teenagers

In the office, we provide appointment for babies, children and adolescents up to 17 years old, who have any suspicion or confirmation of a surgical diagnosis. Patients are usually referred by the Pediatrician. However, if you have noticed any changes in your child, be sure to schedule an appointment.

Preoperative Consultation

For most families, receiving the news that their son/daughter will need to undergo surgery is very distressing. Therefore, having a trusting relationship with the surgical team is essential. During the preoperative consultation, an interview and a thorough physical examination will be realized. Pre- existing exams will be evaluated and, if necessary, new exams are requested. In this way, we can define the diagnosis and schedule the surgery. In this consultation, we will talk about the diagnosis, the surgical procedure, the type of anesthesia, the fasting that the child will need to do, how long the patient will be discharged, and how the postoperative recovery will be. It is important that the family takes all doubts written down, so that everything is clarified before the surgical procedure.

Post-Operative Follow-up

Post-operative recovery varies according to the type of surgery. Healing depends on numerous factors, such as the patient’s nutritional status, use of medications, previous illnesses, type of surgery and respect for rest and bandage care. The food intake will depend on the type of procedure. Sometimes it is necessary that food reintroduction be done slowly and gradually, initially with liquid and pasty foods. However, in most children’s elective surgeries such as phimosis, hernias, treatment of undescended testicles, the child can already eat normally on the same day. Returning to school and physical activity is a major concern for parents. This will depend a lot on the type of surgery. In general, release for physical activities usually occurs after approximately 1 month. The return to school usually occurs earlier. Each case must be evaluated individually, and the medical recommendation must be followed for a satisfactory recovery.


Teleconsultation is a service provided to families who do not live near Rio de Janeiro or who live outside Brazil. It is an option for families who live in cities where there is no Pediatric Surgeon and need guidance from this specialist. It also serves families who are in social isolation but have observed some change in their son / daughter. It does not replace face-to-face consultation as it is not possible to examine the patient, but it can be an alternative for guidance on diagnosis and therapeutic options. Get in touch and ask your questions about this type of service.



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